kind words


Siobhán has done so much for me it’s quite hard for me to put into words without getting a little emotional.

I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis over 4 years ago and with a very short stint on medication that I will not go into as it was the worst couple of months of my life – I have become passionate about healing naturally.

I had a cupboard full of shoes that I could not wear / that didn’t fit due to the inflammation in my feet. After approximately 3 months taking Siobhán’s herbal remedies the inflammation cleared and they all fitted.  It was wonderful being able to wear heels again and as a woman we all like a pair of heals!

I am  also at the age of peri-menopause and had been feeling a little detached, irritable etc along with struggling to sleep sometimes and again Siobhán has worked her magic with the herbs that she gave to me.

Honestly this is the best thing I have ever done and I urge anyone to just try and trust as our bodies will heal – it wants to work with us not against us and Siobhán has helped mine do that.

Lorraine (48)

I had the pleasure of meeting Siobhán Cosgrave last summer when I contacted The College of Naturopathic Medicine about the severe symptoms I was experiencing with the menopause. It was really getting me down and sometimes I felt quite embarrassed with the hot sweats I was suffering. I didn’t want to go down the HRT route and preferred to explore the natural remedies approach. Siobhán took me through a detailed lifestyle questionnaire which helped to highlight some changes I could make to my diet. She also noticed that a coating on my tongue was displaying signs that my body was not processing my nutritional intake efficiently.

After working with Siobhán over several weeks via emails and online video calls and taking the tinctures, teas, powders and detailed, but very sound advice, I found that the symptoms of the menopause had significantly reduced over an extremely small period of time. Now I’m happy to say that my menopausal symptoms and coating on my tongue have all but disappeared.

I’m so pleased that I had the opportunity to meet Siobhán , she has really transformed my life. I would highly recommend that you sought Siobhan out if you are feeling as I did. She is extremely attentive with a very professional manner. She has a warm, caring and approachable nature, with an extensive knowledge of naturopathic medicine.

Julia (51)


I initially came to Siobhán late 2017 because of anxiety & constipation caused by a chronic auto-immune condition. The initial consultation was very thorough & personalised resulting in dietary recommendations & tinctures. Within days of starting the tinctures I slept like a baby & soon my anxiety improved. Since then we have been working together focusing on immune support & balancing my hormones when coming off the pill after 15 years. It took some time but my periods are now more regular but not painful as before I went on the pill. My auto-immune condition is stable & I am doing really well.


Siobhán is a fantastic practitioner – kind, supportive, always happy to help by email in-between consultations & so encouraging. I now feel well set to continue my journey without her amazing support. However, I know that if I ever feel I need help with new challenges or what I am working on now I will be coming back to Siobhán. 

Mary (33)



The pain during my period was so bad throughout my abdomen, lower back and legs that I was unable to sit down comfortably.  I was frequently in tears as the painkillers my doctor was prescribing were not strong enough.  I had to take time off work each month, which my boss looked upon unfavourably so was creating more stress for me.

On meeting Siobhán she instantly put me at ease.  We spoke in depth about my periods, the pain, my digestion, diet and health history.  Siobhán was very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of good advice along with a herbal tincture  that she had prepared personally for me to take three times a day.

I noticed improvements in the period pain within the first month of taking the tincture. Four months later my period pain has virtually gone.  I feel like a different person and highly recommend Siobhán.

Agnese (28)
DYSMENORRHEA (painful periods)

After unsuccessfully trying to conceive for over a year I was diagnosed with Poly-cystic ovaries syndrome (PCOS).  My doctor suggested IVF but as I am interested in natural health I personally wanted to try to conceive naturally.

On my first appointment with Siobhán she went through all my tests with me and asked a lot of very detailed questions about my diagnosis, health, lifestyle and diet pointing out beneficial changes that I could make and explaining how these changes would help.

Siobhán explained the herbs that she was going to give to me and how they would work.  She said that it could take up to 6 months for me to start to see the benefits and that we would review my progress every four weeks.

I worked with Siobhán for 9 months, during which time she was always warm and inviting, always answered my questions and guided me to make better food choices and lifestyle changes.  After 9 months I returned to my GP where my blood tests revealed that my hormones were now balanced correctly and the cysts on my ovaries had cleared.

My husband and I are now undertaking a 6-month pre-conception plan under Siobhán’s guidance.  Once we complete this plan we are very positive that we will manage to conceive naturally.

Susan (35)



Siobhán helped me by balancing my energy levels because I was struggling to cope with full-time work as well as studying part time, in my journey towards a new career.  The one thing I liked was her caring and supportive approach as she guided me, whilst providing invaluable tools for me to take responsibility for my own health.  I found the experience wonderful as I did not have to resort to any chemical or pharmaceutical products, but instead, started my love and respect for natural and herbal remedies.

I would recommend Siobhán to anyone who is looking for a healthier, supportive and more natural approach to their health problems.

Debra (37)